Children know play is their superpower 

We’re here to convince the grown-ups. Because play is something every child, everywhere in the world can do. It fuels curiosity, sparks creativity, and inspires a lifelong love of learning. Children who play pick up all kinds of skills to thrive today – and lay the foundations for a happier, healthier life tomorrow.

Why Play?

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Why play matters

Play unlocks essential skills

Our world never stops changing, so how do we prepare children to navigate it? We let them play. Children thrive on play. It’s also perfect practice for tomorrow. Given the chance to think, negotiate, adapt to new rules and try again when things don’t go to plan, children develop essential skills that’ll last a lifetime.

Play for skills

Play boosts wellbeing for life

Better mental health. More resilience. A love of learning that lasts a lifetime. All ways that play boosts wellbeing from childhood.

Play for wellbeing

Play is for everyone, everywhere

Play is how children learn naturally. That’s what makes it so powerful, and why it’s so important to make room for play.

Play for all

Ready to play?

When children play, they learn. They solve problems, think strategically, relate to others, and manage life’s ups and downs. Play helps children learn how to learn – and love learning. We've gathered some of our favourite games. You can play them anywhere – using things you find at home.

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