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Children already know play is their superpower. We’re here to convince the grown-ups

Children are born scientists and explorers

Watch children play and you’ll see them experiment, imagine, work together, and overcome emotional ups and downs. They’re stretching their minds as well as their muscles. They’re learning. And they’re picking up the skills to thrive today and flourish tomorrow – whatever tomorrow looks like.

It’s on us to fuel that thirst for learning

Children learn best through play. It’s an essential part of child development. But not every child gets the time and chance to play that they deserve.

That’s where we come in.

We’re making learning through play a priority for every child. In fact, we’ve set our sights on reaching 75 million children a year by 2032.

It’s a huge ambition, calling for systemic change – not just quick wins. So, we’re working with all kinds of partners, including parents, teachers, caregivers, policymakers, academics, businesses, grassroots organisations, NGOs and governments, all over the world. Together, we’re opening the world’s eyes to the incredible potential in every child – when children are free to learn as they play.

Like our partners, we’re championing the UN’s SDG4

"Ensure inclusive and equitable access to quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. "
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4

And that’s exactly what we’re here to do

Play is a great equaliser – as anyone, anywhere can do it. When our partners suggest projects to make learning through play more accessible or inclusive, we’re there to fund them.

We’re also advocates and advisors. We sit on boards. We sponsor events. We share insights. And we listen. Our partners’ work plays a massive part in shaping what we do. That’s why we co-design programmes and campaigns, training, toolkits and games that tackle specific challenges in education and child development. We also influence education policy and support behaviour-change programmes to truly change the way the world learns by making play inclusive and accessible to all.

Everything we do is rooted in evidence

We’re fascinated and inspired by the way children learn. Our evidence colleagues collaborate with leading institutions, so we’re always expanding what we know – from understanding how playful learning boosts opportunities for disadvantaged children to mapping what happens in a child’s brain when they play.

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