The LEGO Foundation

Children already know play is their superpower. We’re here to convince the grown-ups

Building a world of playful learners

Like all Danish Corporate Foundations, we work to make society stronger – in Denmark and around the world. To do that we give children the chance to learn through play. Because play is powerful. When children experiment and discover, learning lasts.

Play starts with children

Our aspiration is for children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners who thrive in a constantly changing world.

We focus on children 12 and under. That’s because we know how powerful those early years are. For child development and encouraging curiosity.

We focus on ensuring children can build holistic skills and thrive. Because that’s where play is most powerful. 

We focus on adults too. Because teachers and parents who understand why play matters can better support the children around them. 

Where we champion play

Learning through play is for all children, everywhere. But focusing our work in a few countries means we can make a lasting difference. 

We fund programmes in: 

  • Denmark and Greenland
  • Mexico
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Ukraine
  • USA
  • Vietnam


But we know that play goes beyond borders. Particularly for children who are displaced or affected by crises. So we also work across other regions for some of our programmes.  

Who we play with

We’ve got big aspirations, but we can’t do it alone.

We give grants to non-government organisations, non-profits, and research institutions and work alongside other funders and governments. 

Our grants focus on learning through play. We help to fund early years education, support playful parenting programmes, and work with ministries of education to bring playful learning into classrooms. 

By working together we all play to our strengths and can reach even more children. 

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