Why Play?

Children explore their world through play from the moment they’re born.

Think of peekaboo, the simplest of games

Peekaboo hones motor skills and visual tracking, and helps babies learn that you still exist when you’re not in front of them. (And it’s fun, too.)

Learning through play is how we’re built to learn. And the evidence keeps growing that playing helps children master all the skills they need to thrive in our fast-moving, ever-changing world.

Why children learn best through play

Play unlocks essential skills

Our world never stops changing, so how do we prepare children to navigate it? We let them play. Children thrive on play. It’s also perfect practice for tomorrow. Given the chance to think, negotiate, adapt to new rules and try again when things don’t go to plan, children develop essential skills that’ll last a lifetime.

Play for skills

Play boosts wellbeing for life

Better mental health. More resilience. A love of learning that lasts a lifetime. All ways that play boosts wellbeing from childhood.

Play for wellbeing

Play is for everyone, everywhere

Play is how children learn naturally. That’s what makes it so powerful, and why it’s so important to make room for play.

Play for all

Let's play

Find plenty of playful inspiration to help your child unleash their inner superhero.


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