Rebuilding systems around social and emotional learning

Social and emotional learning is every bit as vital as reading and writing - especially now. We spoke to policymakers around the world about how they’re reshaping education around these essential skills.

Social and emotional learning skills are a must have

Especially in a world where technology moves at the speed of light, climate change threatens drastic shifts, and a pandemic has upended how we live and work – for worse and better.

Policymakers from around the world agree. We spoke to education leaders in Australia, Colombia, Finland, Peru, South Africa, and South Korea about how they’ve built back systems to foster these essential skills. We’re sharing their ideas far and wide through our report, so we can help keep up momentum and drive the conversation forward.

Dive into the full report or have a look at some of the lessons that came out of our conversations below.

Dive into the full report here

1. No matter where you are, social and emotional learning matters
2. The pandemic has made change more urgent than ever
3. Learning through play is the backbone of social and emotional learning
4. For efforts to last, we need everyone on board
5. Teachers are a crucial driving force for change
6. A good communications strategy is vital
7. Assessment systems need to stay level with learning standards
8. As the saying goes: it’s a marathon, not a sprint
9. Compromise and small steps can be part of the process
10. We can adapt the legal framework that’s already there
11. Education reform needs broad political appeal to succeed

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