The Good Life - According to Children

What’s the secret to a good life? We asked Denmark’s children. Take a look at what they told us.

Children covered in paint, smiling

Denmark’s often rated as one of the best places in the world for children to grow up. But how often do politicians and experts include children when they’re debating the issues that affect them? And how often do we call on children when we’re talking about play or designing new ways to make the world more playful ? The answer is, not enough.

To help us change that, we teamed up with think-tank, Tænketanken Mandag Morgen to ask children what matters to them. That includes how they feel about school, their families, and the future. We even asked what they’d do if they were running the country.

You can read all the findings in our latest report: The Good Life, According to Children.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside.

1. A loving family is the secret to a good life
2. Friends make life after school fun, but competition doesn’t
3. School’s more inspiring when teachers try new things
4. Young children love play, but what happens when they turn 12?
5. If children ran the country, they’d ease the pressures put on them

Finally, although many children said they stopped playing before they were teens, some thought play was for everyone, no matter how old you are.

"You might stop playing because you get older, but I don’t think that’s so good, because I think you should always keep playing."

Viktoria, we couldn’t agree more.

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