October 2022

What’s the most incredible thing in a classroom? The teacher!

Great teachers are like gold dust. Anyone who's ever had an amazing teacher knows what a difference they can make. And when you add play to a teacher’s toolkit? That’s transformative.

Play is one of the most important ways that children develop new ways to think, create, work in teams and test their ideas.  Add a teacher to playtime and you have a guide who can spark interest, create a sense of community - and even show it’s OK to fail.   

With a few years of quality learning, there’s more equality in classrooms and more families go on to thrive economically. And we all benefit from that.

Go teachers! Let’s back our teachers

They’re one of the best resources in the classroom and yet too little supported. They’re often facing huge challenges. That’s a waste. Research shows that happier teachers make for better quality education.   We must get teachers the training, resources and networks needed if we want to unlock both their students' and their own potential.  

School leaders can…

Share, share, share!
Look for training opportunities
Support your teachers.

Governments can… 

Listen to teachers
Spread the word
Put money in

Partners and donors can…

Shout about learning through play
Fund champions
Share knowledge

Explore the research

And here’s a hack from us: make anything a plaything with these games and activities

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