October 2021

Closing the skills gap

Education systems need to keep up with the world’s rate of change to close our widening skills gap. Here’s what they can do

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Blink and you’ll miss it: that’s how fast the world of work is changing

New careers and new skills rise to the top of employers’ most-wanted lists all the time. It makes heading into grown up life an even bigger adventure - and puts even more pressure on schools and education systems to prepare their pupils. Unfortunately, there’s no textbook or lesson plan for that. And the gap between what employers want and the skills potential employees have is growing. The good news is children have the seeds of those skills inside them from the day they’re born. To develop them, they need the space to learn through play – which is how they learn best. That means remodeling our education systems to keep up with our fast-changing world.

Four ways we can give every child the chance to learn through play

There are four big things educators, governments, and policymakers can do to give every child the chance to learn through play – and develop the breadth of skills that go with it. You can dive into the details in our report, but here’s a quick summary.

1. We need to reform education policies
2. We must invest in evidence
3. We need to turn data into progress
4. We have to work together

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