The relationship between learning through play and holistic skills

Children need a broad range of holistic skills to navigate an uncertain future. What can the evidence tell us about the role of play in the development of holistic skills?

This scoping review presents the evidence to show that learning through play is closely linked to the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative skills needed for the future.

It is now clearer than ever that education systems around the world must prioritise learning through play, to give children the best chance to develop holistically and lead fulfilling, meaningful lives.


Check out a few of the key findings and dive into the summary report below! 


1. Learning through play is positively linked to all five holistic skills, but there is most evidence for a link to cognitive skills.

2. Guided play is a promising facilitation method. Much of the evidence included examples of guided play as the context for learning through play.

3. We need to know more about the link between learning through play and holistic skills in children beyond pre-school age, in non-western cultures.

Summary report

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