September 2021

Five reasons playful parenting lasts a lifetime

Playing peekaboo and make-believe are even more valuable than you might think

Parents and guardians are a child’s first playmate

That makes you extra special. Whether you’re hiding in a game of peekaboo or turning the living room into an imaginary pirate bay, you’re building trust and closeness. And you’re helping your child develop all kinds of skills that’ll set them up to be healthy, happy grown-ups.

Here are five reasons the fun and games you have together lay the foundations for better wellbeing and lifelong learning

1. Play is essential for bonding
2. Bonding through play gets the brain ready to learn
3. Play helps children pick up essential skills
4. Play boosts resilience and relationships
5. Playing is good for the whole family

Playful parenting needn’t be hard work

Don’t let worrying about how to play with your children get in the way of, well, playing! You’re probably doing lots of playful things already. But everyone runs out of inspiration sometimes. That's why we've gathered some of our favourite games. You can play them anywhere – using things you find at home.

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