September 2021

Five ways to boost your child’s wellbeing through play

Play is a way for children to show the world who they are and how they feel. And you can help them.

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Children making funny faces

Play is a child’s social and emotional toolbox

Let’s take a look inside: When children play, they bond with others, express their feelings and work together as a team. It’s fun, helps them learn to regulate strong feelings, and boosts confidence. All of which makes playtime essential for children’s wellbeing.

Here’s how to encourage children to express their emotions

... and supercharge their social skills!

1. Get active
2. Get creative
3. Play make-believe
4. Encourage playing with others
5. Be playful yourself!

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Playful parenting needn’t be hard work

Don’t let worrying about how to play with your children get in the way of, well, playing! You’re probably doing lots of playful things already. But everyone runs out of inspiration sometimes. That's why we've gathered some of our favourite games. You can play them anywhere – using things you find at home.

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