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Every day we’re gathering more data to show the impact learning through play has on children’s lives… and the impact children who play make on the world around them. Dive in to understand the science behind our stories

The relationship between learning through play and holistic skills
Future skills, In the classroom
Technology & play
Technology is now embedded in children’s lives: how does it affect the way they play, learn and develop critical skills?
In the classroom, At home, Future skills, Technology
Why creativity matters and how play nurtures creative minds
Creativity is instinctive in children – and just as essential in adults. Here’s an introduction to what we know so far about why and how we should make space for children to hone creative skills.
In the classroom, At home, Future skills
Rebuilding systems around social and emotional learning
Social and emotional learning is every bit as vital as reading and writing - especially now. We spoke to policymakers around the world about how they’re reshaping education around these essential skills.
Future skills, Wellbeing
How children thrive on play
Dive into the evidence for play’s vital role in child development.
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Building resilience through play during COVID-19
The story of our response to COVID-19 shows our partners experimenting with new ways to support children and their families to heal through playful learning. In a global, unprecedented crisis, we unleashed creativity, discovered new voices, and developed different ways of working.
In crisis settings, Wellbeing, Future skills, Technology
Closing the skills gap
Education systems need to keep up with the world’s rate of change to close our widening skills gap. Here’s what they can do
Future skills
Building Resilience through Play during COVID-19
In crisis settings, Future skills
Why school time is playtime
It’s official: play belongs in school. We’ve investigated eight different teaching methods to uncover the playfulness that’s already there. Dive in to learn more
In the classroom, Future skills
The neuroscience of learning through play
Do you know that play builds brains? We look at research that shows how playful learning experiences lay the foundations for brain development
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The scientific case for learning through play
Play is how children thrive. In our paper we look at the science behind the power of play - showing how it helps children pick up the skills to take on the 21st century
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