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Every day we’re gathering more data to show the impact learning through play has on children’s lives… and the impact children who play make on the world around them. Dive in to understand the science behind our stories

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Wellbeing, Equality
Positive play in a digital age
Children spend more time online than ever – so it is vitally important that digital platforms are a safe space to explore and learn through play. Here’s how organisations are steering industry and governments to put children’s wellbeing first.
Technology, Wellbeing
The Good Life - According to Children
What’s the secret to a good life? We asked Denmark’s children. Take a look at what they told us.
In the classroom, At home, Wellbeing
Rebuilding systems around social and emotional learning
Social and emotional learning is every bit as vital as reading and writing - especially now. We spoke to policymakers around the world about how they’re reshaping education around these essential skills.
Future skills, Wellbeing
Building resilience through play during COVID-19
The story of our response to COVID-19 shows our partners experimenting with new ways to support children and their families to heal through playful learning. In a global, unprecedented crisis, we unleashed creativity, discovered new voices, and developed different ways of working.
In crisis settings, Wellbeing, Future skills, Technology
How play levels the playing field
Learning through play closes opportunity and inclusion gaps in early education. Let’s look at the evidence
Learning to cope through play
Play can help children (and grown-ups) handle life’s toughest moments. Delve into our latest paper to get all the details
In the classroom, In crisis settings, Wellbeing