How the Accelerator works

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Accelerating innovation that lets neurodivergent children shine

Design should keep neurodivergent children in mind from the start and invite all children to play together. The more inclusive the ideas, the better they are for all children. So far, we haven’t seen enough classroom innovation that’s designed first and foremost with neurodivergent children in mind. Or, frankly, enough support in general. Well, we think it’s time to change that.

The Play For All Accelerator is giving out a total of USD$20 million in grants to up to 25 start-ups, NGOs and social enterprises. We want to partner and mentor organisations who support autistic children and those with ADHD. We’ve got decades of research, play facilitation tools and expertise at our fingertips – and we’d love to share it with partners who can reach even more children.

The Programme

The programme works in two phases to create products, services and experiences that recognise neurodivergent children's strengths and nurtures skills. It offers offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to partner with the LEGO Foundation to create products and services that really make a difference to autistic children, children with ADHD; and their families.

The first cohort of the Accelerator is already well underway. We're currently evaluating the opening of a new cohort and not receiving applications at this stage. You are welcome to share your interest with us

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Phase 1: Engage

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Phase 2: Accelerate

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Who can join

We’re looking for talented, driven organisations with a passion for creating ground-breaking solutions with the neurodivergent community

Selected organisations could receive up to USD 1 million to develop and scale playful learning concepts which harness the power of play-based learning to enhance the lives of children with autism and ADHD. 

We are looking for organisations aligned to the concept of learning through play. Are you either:  

  • An early-stage organisation with a focus on neurodiversity, specifically; autism and/or ADHD?
    If you’re ambitious about being a socially driven organisation, we can help you reach the impact you seek to achieve. We’re looking for entrepreneurs with an existing product or service for autistic children, children with ADHD and / or their families, teachers and caregivers who have an ambition to scale their offering.  We encourage Founder/CEO profiles that are part of an existing organisation to register your interest.
  • An EdTech with proven reach aiming to expand into providing more inclusive products/services for autistic children and children with ADHD?
    If you’re ambitious about being a socially driven organisation, we can help you reach the impact you seek to achieve. We encourage Founders/CEOs, CPOs and/or Heads of Partnerships that are part of existing organisations to register your interest.

The LEGO Foundation could provide the support you need to scale your impact, from funding and partnership opportunities, to connections, coaching and mentoring.

Eligibility Criteria

The goal of the Play for All Accelerator is to support organisations that have or aim to develop play-based products, focused on improving the wellbeing and/or holistic skills of autistic children and children with ADHD. These concepts or programmes are also aimed to support their families, teachers and caregivers; and/or foster greater awareness, understanding and acceptance by society.

Organisation Requirements
Team Requirements
Concept Requirements

Selection Criteria

Alignment with the LEGO Foundation and Social Ventures Goals
Feasibility of Plan
Provider Credibility
Bold and Innovative
Working Fit

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