Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Background & Context

Who is the LEGO Foundation?
What does the LEGO Foundation mean by learning through play / play-based concepts?

About the Play for All Accelerator

How does the Play for All Accelerator work?
Does my concept have to include the use of LEGO Bricks to be considered? If they were included would this increase my chances of being selected?
What are the outcomes I can expect?
How big a time commitment to the accelerator is expected?
How is this programme different from other accelerators?
Who are the coaches on the programme?
Who is Founders Intelligence?
Does it cost money to participate?
How many teams can participate in the accelerator?
Can I change my idea during the programme?
What if my product already focuses on ADHD and/or Autism? Do I have to come up with new ideas? 
Do you offer office space?
What can I expect from Pitch Day?
How will you assess the teams to decide which progress to the Accelerate Phase? 
What if an organisation doesn't reach the Accelerate Phase? 
What happens after the Play for All programme has ended?
How does this differ from the LEGO Foundation’s Build a World of Play challenge?
How does this differ from LEGO Ventures?


What are the eligibility requirements?
Do I need to be incorporated? Can I join as an individual or an informal team?
What sort of organisations are you looking for?
Can charities apply? 
I am myself neurodivergent, can I apply?
What kind of products and services are you looking to develop, scale and support? 
We’ve already received funding, are we eligible to apply?
I have already participated in an accelerator, can I still apply?
Where does my business have to be based?


What's the deadline and selection process?

Legal Terms

Who owns what is developed?
Is this an employment contract?
What are your Diversity & Inclusion policies?