Creating Systems - Creativity Matters Report Series

This report is the second in the Creativity Matters series, a LEGO Foundation publication on the importance of creativity in education systems. The interviews bring together policymakers with first-hand experience of working within government on the reform in question, to offer their diverse reflections, insights, and learnings

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Key lessons from around the world

1 Learning through play is often an important factor in supporting creativity
2 Effective advocacy is critical in generating and maintaining buy-in for reform
3 Partnerships across and outside government will strengthen and support reform
4 A shared understanding, language and definition of creativity will assist large-scale adoption
5 International organisations can support reform
6 Teachers and local leaders play a key role in any reform
7 A clearly articulated curriculum will guide students and teachers
8 Governments have strong rationale to focus on creativity
9 A whole-school approach is important
10 Assessment is crucial, but can be a challenge

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