Creating Systems - Creativity Matters Report Series

Children need creative skills to thrive. But our education systems don’t always leave room for creativity. How can we change that? We asked the policymakers who are already working on it.

All around the world, policymakers are looking at how to make learning more creative. So we spoke to five of them: from Australia, Japan, Scotland, Thailand, and Wales. In this report, we find out how they reshaped their systems to put creative play at the heart of the school curriculum.

Hear directly from them in this short video, read the key lessons, and download the report in full below.

Why does creativity matter? Read our first report in this series: Creating Creators

Creating Creators

Ten ways we can build more creative education systems

1. Learning through play
2. Campaigning for creativity
3. Reaching out beyond government
4. Defining creativity
5. Looking internationally
6. Supporting teachers
7. Being clear with the curriculum
8. Focusing on the creativity crisis
9. Getting the whole school involved
10. Thinking creatively about assessment

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