Ready to build a world of play with us?

Children are amazing. They’re curious, resilient and flexible

When children play, it brings out their natural skills – setting them up for a lifetime of learning. Play also brings families and communities together, which can make whole countries healthier and wealthier.

More about the power of play

Why do we need a world of play?

A child’s first six years hold the greatest potential to positively shape their lives. But play time has been decreasing over the last 50 years* and early childhood development gets a tiny fraction of education funding around the world.

Here are three ways we can all come together to build a world of play for children everywhere:

Families: Make a Play Pledge

Every day comes with chances to play – whether that’s at bath time, getting dressed or even making lunch. Go on, take the plunge and add more play to your day!

Community spaces: Bring everyone together

We’ve created ideas and guides to bring play to libraries, museums and other community organisations and spaces. What can you do in your area?

Organisations with big ideas: Put children at the centre of your plans

We’ve launched our biggest open call grant yet– for organisations around the world to work on bold ideas to help children under six learn through play. We’ve had hundreds of applications. We can’t wait to share the winning ideas with you.

The Challenge

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