Our challenge to Build a World of Play

We’re putting millions behind big ideas that change children’s lives

If we’re going to build a world that puts children first, we need bold ideas. And we’re giving away at total of 900 million Danish kroner in grants to make them a reality.

We put the challenge to organisations around the world: can you help us Build a World of Play? Together with Lever for Change, we asked them to tell us about their most innovative ideas - for making cities safer and more child-friendly, combating climate challenges, fighting mental illness and stress, making education fairer and more fun, and using the latest tech for the greater good.

Our top ten finalists all get a project fund to strengthen their plans

Our expert reviewers have pored through applications filled with bright ideas and big plans – and helped us pick out ten proposals they think can really go the distance.

Each of them will get 1 million USD* to help them scale up their proposals and lay more groundwork. And five of them will go on to be our winners: three will get a grant of 200 million DDK (around 30 million USD*), while another two get grants of 100 DDK.

We’ll announce our winners by the end of the year.


*subject to change due to changing exchange rates

Entering the challenge: How it works

Who could apply?
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