October 2021

Welcome to a world of learning through play

We know the difference learning through play makes to children’s lives. We’ve built this new website to spread the word

Euan Wilmshurst

Our shiny new website is here

And we’ve given it more than a lick of paint (or pixels). We’ve distilled decades of play research, stories and practical guides into one complete learning through play hub.

Why? Because we know children learn best through play.

We’ve seen it with our own eyes. When children have the chance to play, they have the chance to thrive – today and into their grown-up lives. No one inspires us more than children, and nothing helps those children actively hone skills, get on with others and stretch their minds and bodies more than play. We’ve built this hub to spread the word, start conversations and ultimately change global education systems. We’ve set our sights on helping 75 million children a year learn through play by 2032. And this site’s just the start.

Ready to explore?

Here’s a taste of what you can expect

Tons of evidence

Children learn best through play. We’ve got tons of evidence – and we’re always gathering more. Whether you want to learn more or need to make the case for learning through play, we’ve got you covered.

Why play matters

Project stories, tips and tricks

We work with partners on the ground all over the world. Together, we’re changing and shaping systems and policies on a huge scale to give more children the chance to learn playfully. Every time we make a breakthrough, we share and celebrate it here. We also share tips and tricks on playful parenting or opinions and insights into playful learning. We hope it’ll inspire even more grown-ups to give every child everywhere the same opportunities to learn, play and thrive.

Dive into our latest project stories, news, research and blogs



We’ve got everything you need to learn through play. Parents, caregivers, kindergarten teams and teachers are always welcome. We’ve found children develop even more skills as they play when they’ve got an adult beside them. If you want to join in, but you’re not sure how, we’ve got heaps of playful inspiration – including games and activities you can create using things you’ll find at home.


This is our site and yours

If you’re intrigued, delve into our research. And if you’re ready to bring more play into your day and help the children in your lives thrive, read on. You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s play!

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