Treasure Tales

The world around us is full of hidden treasures and unwritten stories. Guide little adventurers to hunt them out and create their own legends.

You don’t have to set sail to find a world full of adventure

All it takes is a few mysterious clues for children to see the world anew. Suddenly ordinary (and not so ordinary!) objects are transformed into treasures that have to be tracked down. But that’s only half the adventure. Creating stories for these objects gives children the chance to exercise their imaginations and see things differently. And with some simple instructions, this drop-in session can easily accommodate as many children as you like - even if you don’t have a facilitator to hand.

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Get grab-and-go guides for our activities and adapt them for different spaces. We also include a campaign toolkit so you can spread the world about the Build a World of Play campaign. All available in 7 different languages.

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