Play, designed by you

We built our activities with help from experts in learning through play. Use their guidelines to design your own, engage families and build a world of play

Remember how children learn through play

During your activity children should feel joy and surprise, create meaningful connections between ideas, be active and absorbed, and iterate what they’re doing while engaging with others.

Engaging young children in play

Stick to inclusive play principles

  • Be fair, accessible and playful
  • Make sure it’s meaningful and valuable to busy families
  • Don’t base it exclusively on LEGO® bricks
  • Make sure it works well with existing learning through play activities
  • Show rather than tell where you can
  • Let the learner choose what they do where possible
  • Be practical
  • Remember COVID safety


Help adults get more play in each day

  • Show the power of learning through play through hands-on experience and demonstrations from facilitators
  • Build carers’ confidence and abilities in playing with their child and 'putting more play in their day’
  • Provide opportunities for joyful bonding through play to motivate carers to play more often.


Aim to build a world of play

Thinking about your activities through the lens of longer term, systemic change – taking Build a World of Play from a moment to a movement.

Our playful learning ideas

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